Our purchase module includes Supplier set-up, Account enquiry, Purchase order entry, Purchase invoice entry, Payments, Supplier accounts archive, Petty cash & Debit notes.

Supplier Set-up

Includes entry for full supplier name and address, telephone numbers, contact details including email addresses and website address. Account terms and payment details are also optioned here.

Supplier Account Enquiry

This screen is an overview of your account with the supplier. It shows all transactions including purchase invoices, payments, discount received and debit notes. Aged crediting is also shown on this screen.

screenshot supplier

Purchase Order Entry

The purchase order screen is fully integrated with the sales module. Stock and non-stock special items can be dealt with at the same time. Non-stock descriptions and prices are automatically screened from the sales order. Orders can be printed or sent directly by email or faxed to suppliers using contact details stored in the system.

View Purchase Orders

The status of any purchase order can be seen on this screen. Purchase orders can be viewed by supplier code, order number, our reference, our stock code or suppliers stock code.

Purchase Invoices

Fully linked to the Nominal Ledger this procedure allows for supplier invoice entry and nominal analysis. Multiple analysis invoices are dealt with as one procedure. Goods receipt notes can be linked to purchase invoices to avoid duplicate entries.

screenshot purchaseinv

Payments Screen

The payments screen shows only outstanding items. As in the sales payments screen, all payments are cross referred to the invoices being paid. Disputed invoices can be put on hold and reminders for outstanding debit notes can also be produced. Once a payment has been made a choice provision allows for the printing or otherwise of remittance advice notes.

Supplier Account Archives

As with the sales archives all accounts can be seen in their entirety from the inception of the system.

Petty Cash and View Petty Cash

A simple entry point for all petty cash payments with seamless integration with the nominal ledger analysis and the VAT account. The view Petty cash screen enables the accounts department to see the precise breakdown of any payment made.

Debit Notes

Disputed or damaged goods can be debited back to the supplier until a credit is received or the matter cleared.