The sales module includes Customer set-up and Enquiry, Archive Records, Quotations, Sales order processing, Sales order status and Invoice release screen.

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Customer Set-up

Includes entry for the full company name and address, telephone numbers, contact details, website address and delivery addresses. Account terms, discounts, special prices and any other customer specific order details and defaults required are also optioned here.

Customer Enquiry

This screen is an overview of the customer's account. It shows all transactions including sales invoices, cash receipts, overpayments, discounts given, as well as invoice and discount details. Items are colour coded to show overdue items and aged debting and aged settlement discounts are also displayed on screen.


The invoicing screen is not largely used as the system generates an invoice at the end of the order process automatically, however this is useful for invoicing of services that have not necessarily required an order for example.

Totals Only Invoicing

This is where you can input invoice with totals only.

View Completed Invoices

All invoices are held on the system. Even after a period or year-end, invoices can still be viewed. Access to them can be made in many different ways.

The search field options are customer code, invoice number, customer order number or our reference.

Payments Screen

This screen is used to view outstanding amounts, pay items and enter payments on account. Only non-cleared items are shown. All payments are cross matched by the payment number to the invoices being paid. Overdue letters referring to the account or individual invoices can be sent using the Overdue Letters facility.

Archive Records

All account details are archived at the time of processing. This allows for a complete account history to be viewed in its entirety at any time. These are permanent records which will be available to view for the life of the system.

screenshot salespaymentsQuotations & Convert Quotation to Order

Quotations are easily produced in the quotations screen for account or cash customers. Quotations can be revised as many times as necessary and quotes can also be duplicated to other customers.
When you are ready to convert a quote to an order the quote conversion screen will allow you to select a customer and associated quote as well as select individual items from the quote to convert.

Sales Order Processing

Stock items and non-stock specials items are all dealt with on the same screen and are in turn fully integrated for ordering through the purchase system. Settlement and product discounts can be applied on the sales order screen.

Sales Order Status

The status of any order can be viewed from any terminal. This module also shows the items despatched on each delivery note on the order and each invoice relevant to each delivery note.

Invoice Release screen

This screen is for vetting and editing of invoices prior to release. Item descriptions and prices can be altered. If invoices are no longer required they can be removed on this screen.

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