icon-equinoxThe GBS Equinox Wholesaler & Distributor System is all you ever dreamed of and more!

It's the all-in-one accounts, stock control & order processing software with website integration.

Equinox covers all aspects of a Wholesaler's work allowing you to seamlessly move from Quotation to Purchase Order, Stock Control, Delivery and Invoicing at the touch of a button, all based around a comprehensive Accounts Package.

The fully integrated system works in real time, ensuring that any entry made updates all areas instantly. As an example, any amendment or entry made in Equinox is instant and other users on separate terminals will instantly see the up-to-date entry.

Easy to Use

Equinox is simple to operate and benefits from years of development. It allows ease of use whilst performing complex processing.

Each section within Equinox is colour co-ordinated for ease in determining what area of the system is being worked in.

The Sales screens are green, Purchases screens are yellow, Stock screens are aqua blue and Nominal screens are light blue.


The screens within Equinox can be operated solely by the keyboard. This makes processes and transactions noticeably quicker and smoother. However, you are not limited to the keyboard and all processes and buttons can be operated with the mouse as well.

Identification and Access

Throughout the system transaction identification is given to every transaction by an individual transaction number and an identifier. Enquiry and Back-Order screens can be sorted instantly to provide almost unlimited access. Sort Headings include: -

  • Date
  • Type
  • Status
  • Order Number
  • Transaction Number
  • Customer or Supplier code

Access to main data information is instantly available via the automatically created sort indexes.

Various identification indicators are available: -

  • User initials on Sales Orders
  • 'Created by (name)' on Purchase Orders
  • User initials on quotes


Equinox contains many different security features which allow a company to control and restrict access to content and monitor all transactions. For more information on the security features within Equinox, please see the security module page.