icon-shopperAre you ready to sell your products online but worried about all the hassle and time involved?

We can fully integrate your Equinox system with an online shop using our Wholesale Online Shopper system. This will make the transition to selling online an easy one. The benefits are numerous - here are just a few:


  • This can generate and boost your sales to NEW online customers.
  • You decide which products you want or don't want to sell online by the tick of a box.
  • At the touch of a button your stock will be updated as it is integrated with Equinox.
  • Existing customer account details are connected to the system automatically enabling them to order online.
  • Your existing customers can see any discount rates that belong to their particular customer level.
  • Any invoicing and payment is through your existing Equinox system making it all the easier to use with no extra learning time for a separate online accounts system.

Wholesale Online Shopper comes in many designs, colours and layouts to suit your company and corporate colours.

Below are just a few examples which belong to current customers. Click to see their website in full:

web gbs     web hlilley


web mrohms     web smartmerchants


web cew     web harbro